For most 13yo kids going from activity to activity isn’t a big deal.  They do just fine coming from home school and then going back to another thing later in the day. For a kid with POTS this isn’t always easy and sometimes its not possible.  When your normal child has back to back activities you might make sure that they have the right foods to eat or good things to drink. You might even make them a smoothie to ensure that they have the power they need to get through the day.

For us, this doesn’t work, for us it means balancing one activity over another. It might mean doing one thing and not another.  For us it will mean resting during the day, even taking a nap at school. It means that for the next 2 days we’ll push as hard as we can and then for the next 2 after it will mean doing nothing. Not because she’s lazy but because she simply isn’t capable of getting out of bed.  She will sleep and I won’t be able to wake her but it will be worth it.  She will get to do the one of the things she loves, perform on the stage with her friends.

But for right now she’s resting, I’ll get her up in a bit and give her some food and milk, I might even make her that smoothie!  And then we’ll do it again tomorrow and I will get to watch my child do something that she loves.


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