When you hear hoof beats think

Zebras right isn’t that what everyone thinks?  Nope most docs say if you hear hoof beats think horses!  Nope my kid you think zebras and not just the any ole zebra a pink one because we are unique!

The last few days Nic has been down, tired not feeling great. Of course she’s down, she had a week of musical rehearsal and 6 performances.  So I just figured that is what this was, until Tuesday night when she was crying in pain. Lower back pain, left side abdomial pain.  Not her appendix (that’s on the other side) So I figured this is POTS just rearing it’s ugly head. She’s had to much codeine and she’s having a reaction.

Umm No, my kid has a kidney infection. Yup not just a normal ole garden variety UTI but a kidney infection! So off we go to Urgent care because mom still thinks this is a UTI and she needs antibiotics.  After I give the doc her symptoms, she looks at me and says “we can’t treat you”…. you have to go to the ER… what? You can’t treat this here? Why do we have to go to the ER?  Well because the back pain and abdominal pain and fever she has a kidney infection and we need fluids and IV Antibiotics.

So now we’ve missed the entire last week of school and there are missing assignments and emails to be sent to tell the school that they are going to have to do something to ensure she passes the quarter and I am hoping that by tomorrow she’s well enough to get in the car to drive to florida.

So if you need me I’ll be the one with the pink zebra driving in the car to Florida – oh and I’ll probably stop and get a martini which will mean the pink zebra might be driving 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone


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