Trying Times

To say that the last few months have been odd would be a total understatement to say that the last 48 hours have been insane would also be an understatement.

When covid hit in March I was being very cautious with Nic, keeping her home she wasn’t going to to the barn or the store.  We were using hand sanitizer and wiping down all surfaces.  As things progressed we started to open up and live a bit more normally.  Even though it wasn’t anywhere near our pre-mid march normal.

We started to figure things out like going to the store with a mask on, not getting real close to people and just making good choices.  Then the death of George Floyd hit, now this is NOT a political post and any comments as such will not be approved! Our world again has shifted.

As a family we had talked about going to dinner this weekend since the restaurants were open for outside seating.  I was nervous to be anywhere but home with reports of riots being in Aurora and surrounding cities.  I watched my normally calm 15yo worry about her best friends dad – who is a Joliet police officer.  She was texting her to make sure she was OK and that her dad was OK.  We did dine out on Sunday and it was amazing!

Then Monday hit and things got worse, for the first time in my lifetime there was a curfew for my city!  We went early to the barn so we were home prior, and now today stores are barricaded off or closing early.

Nic was supposed to hang with a friend, but her friend got in trouble so it got canceled. She texted another friend asking her to hang out.  In the normal scheme of life she doesn’t ask us first, she knows what she needs to do and can schedule her own meet ups.  When she told me today she was going to hang with her friend, I had to be a mom and tell her they had to be at someone’s house. They couldn’t walk around or be outside.  This is our world right now.  She can’t go anywhere because everything is closed and now she can’t hang with her friends.

Before you lecture me on first world problems (I am aware) but for a kid with POTS being able to do normal kid things is a huge win!  And right now we can’t do normal kid things when she feels able!

I can’t imagine our world getting scarier but then I couldn’t of guessed we’d be here today either!

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