The face of POTS amidst a virus

I was going to put this put this on social media but decided against it.  You see I don’t want to start a firestorm of what should we be doing or shouldn’t!

You see I have a medically complex child.  I often forget this because she’s been so much better since we pulled her from school.  We deal with the ups and downs and for the most part they are pretty mild.  Until she got sick.  You see when Nic gets sick it’s usually a hold your breath and hope that it stays mild, but when it doesn’t (And it usually doesn’t) we go to the ER.  We’ll get fluids, meds, and some labs – which generally come back abnormal but….yea

This past week Nic start vomiting on Thursday afternoon.  By Thursday night it was getting worrisome she was not stopping and we knew we should go to the ER, but we didn’t. Why? Because of the COVID-19 virus.  I didn’t want to expose her or us to anything off!  So we held off, we waited and waited and things got a bit better and then got worse.  So we went anyway.  And we ended up with very low potassium and other weird stuff, which resulted in her getting fluids and IV Potassium. If you haven’t had that let me explain the level of pain involved in getting this infused.  Imagine  your entire arm on FIRE!

The point is we waited when we shouldn’t of because we were afraid of exposing her to something that would only make her sicker.  When doctors and health professionals tell you to just lay low, to use social distancing, it’s not because of you it’s because of my daughter and the tons of other kids and people who are medically complex.  People who have weird (not necessarily weakened) immune systems.  You see when Nic gets sick her body doesn’t react like it should.  When we got to the ER her Heartrate was 135!  And her BP was 90/56.

Thankfully we had a doc who knew POTS and knew that some of those numbers are more POTS related than her being sick.  But my point is what if she picked up something in the ER? Then what?  What do we do then?

Please for the sake of everything let’s take this seriously.  Let’s take a few weeks we can all get our lives back!

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