Its been a while

When I started this blog it was just to keep track of Nics symptoms, now we are more in maintenance mode and not much really happens.  It’s more day to day and horses and more horses!! (Here’s a pix of our newest one)

nic and phoenix

But today, today we did a thing!  A thing that I honestly didn’t think would happen!  But I should of known it would!

You see when you raise a medically complex child you learn to never underestimate them because God made them for greatness.  Not that he didn’t make all kids or greatness, but these kids, these kids were made beyond special.  Its like God knew that they would do amazing things but they needed to be super strong to take on the world and that is what this one is doing!

A few weeks ago she told me she was looking for a school that would help her reach her goal of training horses.  She found a school in Ohio the University of Findlay.  So yesterday I started looking at scheduling a visit.  You see we are headed to Virginia in April so why not combine trips.  I figured it was worth a shot.

Only there wasn’t anything available on that Friday, then I looked just a bit further and found that they are doing an open house on that day for their potential incoming equestrian students!  So I registered us.  This is it, this is our first college visit.  I am still in a bit of denial but one thing I have learned about this kid is that generally she reaches her goals.

You see God has big plans for this one!  And we are just going to make sure she reaches them!!

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