POTS Sucks, this isn’t a new concept.  For those of you who are new to this blog, guess what POTS SUCKS!  Why? Well because as a 15yo girl life is kind of sucky.  You are dealing with emotions and hormones and relationships that are all new and hard to navigate.

I remember being 15 and while my life had been turned upside down I didn’t have to deal with all the other crap that my daughter does.

You see, we’ve let her start to take more control over her body and choices.  This means she is getting to try new foods, it also means that her disease rears it’s ugly head.  It means that not only is she dealing with boy/girl relationships and friends and all that stuff it also means fighting a body that doesn’t do what you want EVER.

It means losing weight and fearing that you may have to get a feeding tube because your body is not doing what it’s supposed to.  Last night I had to hear my amazing daughter fight tears because she doesn’t want to take one more medication, she doesn’t want to think about getting a feeding tube – and while we aren’t there yet we aren’t far.

You see a year ago Nic weighed 113lbs at her most recent doc appt she was 108, now she’s 105.  She’s not underweight yet… but if we continue down this path we might get there.  She should weigh about 115lbs, but we’d settle for a solid 110.

So here we are fighting again, unsure of where we go… but this is our life and we’ll figure it out and we’ll make sure that she is 100% successful!

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