Ohh How We’ve missed you October

When we got diagnosised 5 years ago (almost to the day) I walked out of the doctors office and cried.  I cried!  I cried because after so many doctor visits, 2 trips to mayo and 1 we skipped I knew what was wrong with my kid.

We would then spend 2 days in the ER in the next few weeks with low BP and we would get more drugs.  Over the next 5 years we would add some drugs in, swap some out and increase dosages for others.

We would fight schools, teachers, lunch ladies and coaches.  We would make decisions some good and some not so good but we made them. Last year when we finally decided to homeschool I felt really good about it. It meant good things, no more stress, just do the work and go day by day.  October came and went without much ado.  We didn’t really think about it.  Spring came and went and again not alot to think about.

Don’t get me wrong we still had POTS days but we had way more good days than the other kind.  Then 2019 hit and then October got here. And the SLIDE hit.  Came home last night to a child being unable to wake up. She was way down.  Today she called out of work. She never does that! Shes very dizzy and trying to just be human today.

You see with POTS when you have a bad day, it’s not about getting up and going to work it’s about just getting out of bed if you can!  So today we welcome October with not open arms, but yet here it is…so if you need me I’ll be under my desk hiding from October.

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