OMG What was that??

We’ve all experienced an adrenaline rush.  It might be a near miss in a car accident or seeing something scary on tv or a movie. We usually feel that quick rush, our heart rate increases and we may feel shaky after it happens. When you have POTS and you have one of these experiences it can be literally not being functional for days.

According to

An adrenaline rush is one of the body’s vital defense mechanisms. A stressful situation will trigger the release of the hormone adrenaline, also known as epinephrine, into the bloodstream.

Nicole has been struggling the last few weeks with more dizziness, headaches and brain fog – which we are attributing to her now being in drivers ed.  She’s had issues with her ears popping (which is new).  So yesterday when she went to work what she didn’t need was the day to essentially fall apart on her.

It started with her cutting herself with her knife (nothing serious) then one of the horses headbutted her near the eye and finally one of the more high strung horses spooked and reared on her.  If you haven’t had the experience of a horse rearing on you, it’s not what it looks like on TV or in a show.  Those are planned and controlled.  This is 1000lbs of animal not using any part of it’s thinking brain. You see horses are prey animals and when they feel attacked they do one of two things, they run or they rear.  When they rear they go up on 2 legs and act big.  (And because they are, well you get the idea).

She’s fine but the rush of adrenaline can cause her to crash for days.  Now normally this would be ok. She’d work today and then be low for a few days to recover. Expect her brother leaves for bootcamp tomorrow so she’s not going to be down until Tuesday. Which is her birthday, another work day and drivers ed. So essentially we are going to be crashing for a least a week because her body isn’t going to get a real chance to recover.

When I say I hate this disease I mean I HATE this disease!

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