10th Grade

When you started kindergarten I worried, would you be OK, would you be safe? When you started 1st grade we put structure in place (a 504 plan) to ensure your safety. You weren’t allowed to have stickers, anything you could lick or food from the outside.

When you started 5th grade we had an IEP, you weren’t keeping up with your peers.  I worried, could you keep up? How would you handle middle school? When you started 6th grade, I met with the team. I told them you have to watch out for her! She struggles, she doesn’t do as well as her classmates. Help her! Make sure she is successful!!

You started 8th grade, and I’ll never forget the team telling me, this girl will accomplish whatever she sets her heart on!

Tomorrow she technically starts 10th grade.  I say technically because she now goes online.  She will accomplish whatever she wants! I can’t wait for the next few years!!

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