Last night we had dinner with some friends and they asked the question that every parent of a child with a chronic illness hates to hear.. “will they outgrow this?”

Well let me see, my crystal ball is cloudy, the Magic 8 ball says “try again later” the tea leaves I read said I’ll live a long and healthy life, my palm reader said this line shows a great love.  So hmm I don’t know!  I don’t know what the future holds! Do you?

Instead of asking will they out grow this, ask how can I support you?  Or better yet, just say wow this must be tough, you are doing great with all the tough decisions you have to make.

I know for many of us, there are just certain questions that we hate being asked and for me it’s that one.  No I don’t think she’ll out grow this, because at 18mths we were told we’d be on the formula for 6mths max.  Its been 12 years.  Yes she has improved but then additional problems arise.  She is a medically complex warrior who struggles every day.  EVERY DAY! She has headaches, pain, extreme tiredness and yet every day she pushes herself to go.  Some days she can only go so far and others she can make it to the moon and back.  So no, we aren’t going to outgrow this, and yes this is her life, however it’s an amazing, incredible, beautiful life that she lives every single day way better than most adults I know!

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