In the face of adversity

You know when you have a child with a chronic illness every day is an adventure.  You just never know what life might throw at you!  Yesterday we particpated in the POTS walk!  It was so much fun AND what was really cool was getting to hear a doctor talk to everyone about the disease

What was not so cool?  Having an allergic reaction to the track.  We believe it was made of latex or something similar and Nic had a pretty nasty reaction.  Because of that we didn’t stay real real long but long enough to say hi to a few friends and meet some others.

Then we took our adventure on the road and went to the Volo Auto Museum.  For those that don’t know I am a car enthusiast!  I love all American muscle but GM is near and dear to my heart!  No corvairs there yesterday (such a loss on their part) but they did have some really cool movie cars, including the General Lee!  We also got to see a car from jurassic park, the actual plane from the avengers some old campers and some cool arcade games.  Overall it was a fun day just being a family and celebrating that while life can be unpredictableIMG_0473.JPG being a family still makes everything OK!



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