It’s the Birthday!!

Today so many years ago we welcomed a pink bundle into our lives! Little did we know the journey this little person would take us on!

From health issues, to horses to laughs to tears this child has given us so much joy!  I will never forget the quick nurse visit that turned into the birth of our daughter!

It would be a short 18mths later that our lives would be turned upside down as we tried for years to come up with a diagnosis!  It would take over 100 doctor visits, 2 Mayo visits and more nights googling symptoms before we would have a clear list of things and a road map to attempt to manage this lovely life!

I would NOT trade any of that for the world.  This child has taught me so much about life and love and laughter! Her ability to look at life in a way that says the glass is always full and that it doesn’t matter what gets thrown at you it will get better!

I can’t believe that God blessed us with this amazing person!  I know that God made her just for us, that he formed her to be perfect for our family and for that I am eternally grateful!

So today we celebrate 14 years of laughter and tears! And we look forward to so many more!!


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