Its BLAST Weekend

The last 30 days have been a trip – not necessarily a good one either!  We started with Elf Musical at school, moved into a Kidney infection which required an ER Visit and then ended with 9 days in Florida.  We came back and rested and thankfully Nicole was able to return to school on Monday.  Now in 2 days we head to Wisconsin Dells for a weekend of God, Water and Music!  AND we are taking Ian with us so Nicole is OVER THE MOON to have her BFF going with us!

Having a kid with a chronic illness makes everything else way more complicated.  Take the normal bladder infection that in a kid with POTS ends up being a kidney infection.  It also means that you do Disney alot different than most families.  We managed 6 hours each trip and made sure we didn’t go 2 days in a row!  I think the noise was overwhelming, I know the people were hard to handle!!

Even with all of that we had an amazing trip and saw some very cool stuff AND met some awesome people!  We stopped in Knoxville on the way home and while we were waiting on our dinner we met a father and son who are from Naperville and knew more about the area than we did!!

We always know that traveling with our awesome kid requires adjustments and understanding and this trip will be no different.  I am hoping that we will have the same room setup we had last year where we have our own bedroom with a door. That way she can sleep on the floor as long as needed.  Last year she simply didn’t go to the morning session which ensured she slept and rested as needed.  We’ll be ready to adjust and make sure she has everything she needs!

After that?  Well mom is headed to Vegas with a friend and her son for the nascar race!  I have NEVER done something like this before so I am super excited!  Not sure what we have planned for after that, I know that I am heading to Minnesota in late spring/early summer and we are trying to head to St. Louis for a long Six Flags weekend!!

Can’t wait to see what else 2018 has in store for us!!!


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