How not to be ‘that’ mom

We all know those parents – the ones who feel their delicate flower should be given every opportunity simply because, well they are awesome!  I had a conversation yesterday with a girl who has played volleyball with us for many seasons.  She decided she wanted to play on our club team, now she’s a freshman and joining a club team is really hard at this point.  However, she set her mind to it and worked so hard. She showed up at every open gym, every extra practice and took every opportunity to get private lessons.  She is on our 14u club team! She did it, mom and dad didn’t have anything to do with it besides getting her to the places she WANTED to be!

I’ve known her family for a few years now and her dad always said ‘she’ll make the team IF She makes the team’ he never once said she deserves this give her a spot.

Nicole tried out for her musical and she made the ensemble and I so want to jump in and yell at the unfairness of this.  Don’t they know my delicate flower is way more awesome than this?? Doesn’t she deserve to be the lead?? Actually no she doesn’t she deserves to have a safe existence and she deserves to have parents who love her and siblings who love her but still tease her. She deserves family that she can be with and enjoy life with. She does NOT deserve the lead in the play.

Dear parents – news flash your child does NOT deserve to be the best when they are not the best. Does this cause you pain? Probably, but guess what you didn’t get to be the best in everything and your parents did not call the school/principal/teacher/coach/leader and tell them that you should be the lead!

So I’ll be breathing and reminding myself that if my child wants something she has to work for it… Novel idea I know!!


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