What are you here for?

OK So I totally stole this from Jen Hatmaker 🙂 She’s my hero!

So what are you here for?  I am here for the joy on my child’s face when she gets to sit with her BFF while we learn about the joys of her going to high school. I am here for the 220 kids who play volleyball with me each and every week as they learn and grow and get to do things they didn’t think were possible!

I am here for the kids who help the said 220 kids reach those goals who seek me out to ask if they can help and then watching them teach the other kids how to pass and serve.  The looks on those kids faces is like they have seen a star.  They are so excited that one of the club players is taking time with them!

I am here for my roller coaster/racing buddy! (who happens to be the little brother of my daughters best friend) I love listening to him describe different race tracks and why one is better than the other.  I love that he answers my really dumb questions about why one track is better than another.  I love that he will ride all the crazy spinny rides with me while his brother and my daughter ride things like Goliath (AKA seriously who rides that!)

I am here for my puppy’s and those faces! I mean seriously – does God work really hard to make these things so freakin cute?

So what are you here for?  What makes your world go round and what are you just so thankful for??


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