POTS and

When you have POTS everything else becomes an ‘AND’ – for example you have a cold – well with POTS its like having a cold AND the flu, not feeling great its POTS AND being dizzy.  Well having an injury isn’t any different and no matter how hard you try to remove the AND its still there.

Today we are in the world of AND – see the child is in pain – constant – and this isn’t her normal pain levels this is POTS AND pain.  Then you add pain killers and benadryl and you get POTS AND. So we are down today – not even able to keep her eyes open.  So today we are living in the world of AND.

This means qualifying the day – do you have choir?  Do you know where you have to be tomorrow for the assembly?  OK Good – then you can stay asleep – no then we need to figure out the AND.

Living with a chronic illness means you live in the world of AND


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