International Travel

Travel can mean alot of things, fun, excitement, worry, when you travel with a medically complex child it means all these things X100!  But that is what we did, we took our medically complex child out of the country! And not only out of the country but to Mexico! And she did amazing!  She walked a ton and only really had issues 1 day where she was tired. Now it is possible she just pushed herself but I really think the heat is so much better for her.

She didn’t fall apart until we got to Denver and had to wait in the customs line (silly mom didn’t realize how long that would take). Next time we’ll get her a chair and not worry about it.  Otherwise she did great.  She managed her entire process and was amazing.  She managed to eat in several places, our condo made her salads that were safe for her and she ate a ton of fruit.  I could not be more proud of what she did and how she did!

We’ll see how long the recovery will be but for now I am thankful for the opportunity!


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