The lack of award; award

My child didn’t get an award, he went to school every day he did well in school yet he didn’t get an award.  Am I sad? Am I upset? No I am not, because life isn’t about getting an award for simply showing up.  People who excel get an award, people who go way above and beyond get the award.  Why is it that people thing everyone deserves an award?

I blame social media!

I have unfollowed people because they post hourly about their kids accomplishments. Ohh my kid got on the bus, oh my kid walked to school, my kid did their homework, ok yes this is sarcasm but still.

My kids don’t deserve awards for doing what is expected of them.  Simply going to work, doing their homework and getting their stuff done does not mean they should be rewarded.  When did this ever become an expectation?  I saw a post on FB today (and no I didn’t read it) but the title was why my kid didn’t get an award. Why? Because my kid didn’t deserve it!!

My boss tells me every day I am doing a great job, I am a superstar (I am not kidding) she’s a great person – the jury is still out as far as leadership is concerned. Here’s the thing, she’s my boss so guess what I respect her, I thank her and I do my job.  I don’t do my job because she tells me I am great at it, I do it because this is my job.

My kids all have their struggles, some are medical some are emotional and some are just being kids.  When they do something great I get excited, when they give above and beyond I praise them.  I don’t cry because they didn’t get an award, I cheer for those that did.  The kid who was the valedictorian for my sons class is a friend of our family.  This is a family we’ve known for over 20 years.  We’ve worked with them, coached with them and our kids have gone to school together.  I cheered for him when he graduated, I didn’t feel bad because he got an award and mine didn’t. My didn’t deserve the award, his did.

I don’t mind that everyone gets a trophy, honestly I don’t think it really matters in the long run.  However, I do mind when people complain because their child is sick and doesn’t get an award.  My child is sick, she does the best that she can! That does not mean she gets an award!!


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