Helicopter Parenting

Yes, I am a helicopter parent, yes I take pride in being ‘that’ parent.  Recently there was a misunderstanding that escalated.  I went to the person and I made sure my child got to do what she wanted to.  Why? Because every day my kid makes choices, and those choices often go to the side of NOT doing something.  Last night she opted to not go to church, she loves church but she had such a headache she didn’t go.  So when someone screws up and she may lose the option to do something I fight like a rabid dog to make sure she can do that.

However, when that happens her stress levels go way up and she crashes.  So yes I helicopter, I hover and I fight like hell to make sure she gets to do what she wants. She wants to go to six flags, we go, she wants to ride her horse, she rides.  Does this mean she may miss school or church? OK she still gets to go.  Being a child with a chronic illness is alot about making choices.  Think about a flow chart decision tree, if I do this, then I won’t do this.
I am OK with this, and I am OK with fighting like hell to make sure she gets to do what she wants.  I will continue to fight this fight until she is on her own or better.  And even then I’ll fight like that.

When you see a mom who is hovering, ask yourself “does this child have some special needs that require mom be close?” Because more than likely that’s the case.


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