Feeling all the feelings

I will remember this day forever!  You see it was 18 years ago that I was preparing for the birth of my 2nd son.  It was so different than the first time. I had been sick but not nearly sick as I had been, I had a great team of doctors who understood and I felt much better.  It had been a whirlwind few months, you see we moved back to Chicago in January as my father in law was dying of cancer.  He never got to meet this amazing kid and for that I am always sad.  Jonathan is named after his grandfather and I know that he would of made Roger so proud!  He was so small when he was born, only 6lbs, but boy was he long!  The docs said if we’d let him go to term he would be of been as big as his brother.

He was always my easy going kid. Quick with a laugh, wanting to make everyone smile and man could he bat those eyelashes when he wanted to.  While we struggled with his brother, he just took life as it came.  Excelling in so many things.  It has been such an amazing journey watching him grow up and being able to sit back and know that while it hasn’t been perfect he is ready.  It causes so many happy tears to think that in a few short months this little boy who would sit on my lap and make me smile will be off on his next adventure.  He is going to do amazing things!  I could not be more proud of the man he has become, but there are so many days when I want to turn back the clock just a bit.

There are so many memories that I will carry forever, and new ones yet to be made.  I just cannot believe that tomorrow he turns 18!


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