Its been a year

2015 has not been without its levels of fun and excitement.  We have celebrated birthday’s, deaths, and loves. We have traveled and played and studied and learned.  Most importantly we survived another year with diseases that have more letters than the standard alphabet.  We are starting to come into our own with the FPIES and POTs dx and learning how to handle both.  The start of 6th grade which had me terrified started with a few bumps but has gone on pretty smoothly.

I can’t believe another year is done and that my children are growing older.  Steven will be 20 in February, Jon 17 in May and Nicole 12 in August.   These children who have grown from small baby’s are almost grown ups themselves.  I cannot get over how much they have all grown and changed.

What I learned in 2015 is that nothing is forever and that you must hold the moment while you have it.  I have watched a child who has always been a bit behind her peers FLOURISH in Jr. High.  She is still shy and can be quiet if you don’t know her, but she has learned to manage her illness in ways that I never thought I’d see.

I have loved watching her go to StuCo each week and make so many friends. I have also watched her slowly become a teenager and less a child.  I have seen her struggle with 5 pills each day and still hold herself high when she was ready to fall over. I have seen her walk out of a large room because it was simply too loud only to watch her dance in her own way.

I have heard from her teachers that she shows such compassion for others and her heart breaks for the lowest of all.  She has shown leadership and strength where many of us would have fallen down.

I have seen her take a disease that has the potential to rob her of who she is and not let it her get in her way of her dreams!

Here is to an amazing year, and here is to another one in 2016

Wishing all of you an amazing and very blessed Merry Christmas

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