It’s Christmas Time

Let’s catch everyone up!  It’s now December and we survived the October slide. No ER visits but several missed days of school.  However Nicole is holding her own and that is all we can ask for!  She is involved in several school activities and is loving being in the musical. I can’t wait to see her.  I am sure I’ll cry through the entire thing!!  She is almost done with winter volleyball and has loved doing that. She has learned a ton (as have her parents).  We are rapidly approaching Christmas and a very busy time of year for us.  So far so good, but I am sure we’ll have a few down days.  She is still falling asleep in study hall which she says is fine because she was just reading. OK!

We have the house pretty much fully decorated – which is amazing since I don’t generally do Christmas until the middle of December.  However we had one of those really warm November weekends and it just made sense to get everything up!  So our yard actually has LIGHTS.. and I put them up. Well Jon technically put them up but I directed!!

Jon survived getting his wisdom teeth out. It wasn’t horrible but he was in pain and still is having trouble eating crunchy foods.  He went back to work yesterday after a week off. So thankful that he works for a friend of mine!!

This weekend starts the Christmas madness!  We have volleyball pictures on Friday, and then our second musical. On Saturday volleyball and Sunday we are headed downtown Chicago for the Winter Wonderland at Navy pier.  Then next weekend it’s Gift Mart, our end of the season party and then we are into the home stretch before Christmas.

Thanksgiving came and went without much fanfare, we celebrated with Tony’s family which is always good.  Nicole tried popcorn – yea allergic, but she was only really down a day so we may try again because it could of been the oil.  Going to invest in an air popper to see if this is something she can actually eat.  It’s sad that we take one down day as a win LOL

Christmas will be a quiet one for us as we are traveling ALOT in Q1 of 2016!  The dells with the youth, a quick trip to Michigan for a college visit and then New Orleans for graduation.

Looking forward to waht

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