Learning to Advocate

I am not that mom, I refuse to be, if you miss an assignment, or fail to do what is required you must live with the consequences.  Get points off, take a lower grade, etc. However when you have a child who just sometimes can’t finish something because of their lack of focus you take a different stance.  We are learning to balance helping Nicole and teaching her to advocate for herself.  Today she learned a little about doing it for herself.  She has to do a book commercial – and hers was due today.  However, she simply wasn’t prepared.  She has been too exhausted and couldn’t finish it. I told her that she needed to talk with her teacher. She was filled with anxiety that she would get a lower grade or points off. I told her she needs to TALK to her teachers and let them know. I also followed up with an email to let her teacher know that she would be coming to speak with her.

She is going to get to do her commercial later and her teacher suggested she sign up for ones later in the quarter.  All great ideas and I am teaching my child to stand up for herself.  Balancing advocating for them and teaching them to advocate for themselves is a tough balance.  I want her to learn both. And today she did!

Beyond that I am very thankful that October is over… it’s a bizarre occurrence but it is almost to the day where she goes from being non-functional to being awake.  It will swing back and forth for a while but hopefully we are over the hump! I guess I should start to like winter LOL

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