Gaining perspective..

For those of you who follow me on Facebook you know what a brutal time we’ve had the last week.  It started last Monday morning when we learned that a friend/teacher and neighbor had been murdered in her home by her husband.  It was a week of dealing with a child who had this woman as his teacher and was near tears most of the week trying to understand why someone would take her life.  It ended with a day of helping her family grieve and process.  In the process I got to watch my 11 yo interact in a way that literally blew my mind.

I’ve always known that Nicole has a very empathetic heart.  She feels everything and is often the one who seeks out the person hurting.  I saw her comfort a very sad very hurt 8yo girl who simply couldn’t understand why her daddy what he did.  I learned later that Taylor asked Nicole why her daddy killed her mommy.  This is not something I ever want my child to experience again.  But not only did she handle it well, she loved on this little girl for almost 9 hours. She ran, she comforted she played and she did all of this without batting an eye.  Then she crashed – hard – she did go to school on Monday but not Tuesday.  She did exactly what God made her to do, comfort.  I am blown away by her ability to manage this.

While her dad and I were doing what we do best (solving crisis, moving chairs and setting up tables) our child was doing what she does best.  We served a family on Saturday, one that I am not sure if they know Jesus or not. Sue did, she found her way back at my church, through one of her students.  She is in heaven now. For that I am grateful.  I am also grateful that God presented an opportunity for my child to use her gifts even in the midst of her illness…

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